Measured Building Surveys

Starr Surveys specialise in measured building surveys. Employing the latest reflectorless laser technology, highly accurate building surveys can be undertaken by only a single surveyor and physically accessing the required points is
no longer an issue. This produces a significant reduction in costs with an increase in accuracy.

Floor Plans

Buildings are footprinted using Leica Total Stations at fixed internal and external points then developed into finished floor plans using Leica hand laser measuring equipment. Our basic standards include :

* Solid partition wall
* Floor levels
* Ceiling and beam heights
* Doors and openings
* Windows with sill and head heights
* Drainage and sanitary fittings
* Stairs
* Room descriptions and floor area

Each floor is referenced to the one above establishing total control of the surveyed environment.
Full internal services information can then be added if required to the survey using British Standard symbols. Adding
cross sections and detailed elevations gives you a complete digital record of any building.

Elevations & Cross Sections

Quickly and easily produced using the latest reflectorless measurements techniques, elevations can be produced with a greater accuracy than ever before possible. Add cross sectional data to floor plans and elevations and you have a complete digital record of any building. 

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